Last post of the year!!!

Hey guys,

And yes this is my last blog post ever! I have experienced some ups and downs and these are my greatest achievements so far this year!


  • At the start of the year we focused on natural disasters and I made I survival kit for a tornado that could one day save thousands of lives.
  • In the middle of the year we studied chemical and physical reactions and that was probably the best subject of the whole year! I learnt about different types of chocolate!


I am proud of lots of other things but I don’t have time to explain them all and with that I bid you goodbye!

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The Christmas! spirit!

Hey guys,

Today we made Christmas baubles, but not just any baubles ART baubles! It was really fun! We used straws to spread the paint and then used watercolor for the baubles. The moat challenging part was when we had to use the straws because the straw couldn’t touch the paint.

Here is what i made:file_000


Hey guys,

Last week we were doing writer’s notebook and I have done a piece that I am very proud about.

It is about a cow that jumped over Pluto. Yes I know what you are thinking A COW THAT JUMPED OVER PLUTO what were you thinking! I discovered that I can actually write a novel and that I should be able to let myself think outside of the box. I think the only thing that I would do next time is focus in the vocabulary instead of what I can rhyme with the other words. Its really cool how I got to write such an imaginative story.

Here it is hope you enjoy!

Jolly volley catch!!

Hi guys,

Today we had a big sports day! It was so fun. I played volley catch and we won 3/4 games but the other teams were really good as well.I found out quite a few thing and i wanted to share them with you so without further adieu  here are some things that i learnt about volley catch.

  • The ball is out when it contacts the floor or is outside the boundary lines.
  • There is only minimum of 2 touches of the ball before it goes over the net.
  • A player can not touch the ball two times in a row.

I hope you learnt allot form this blog! Do you play a sport?

~Emily! 🙂


Hi guys!

In religion my class and I are learning about stewardship. Stewardship is a person that looks after all of God’s creations, picks up litter, cares for all fauna and fawner and all humans on earth. To become a steward you have to be kind, caring and giving. My understanding of stewardship has developed because at the start of this project i thought that being a steward just meant you were kind but now my mind is full of what stewardship is like.


bye! 🙂

catch, catch ,catch

This week we are doing Interschool sports. we will be competing in in Brunswick district. this years sport choices are…

  • volleycatch
  • soccer
  • cricket
     We got to put down our preferences from 1-3. i got my first preference volleycatch. I am really looking forward playing against other teams and improving  my skills. by the end of next week I am hoping to develop my striking skills the most. I think our team is good because we can discuss what we are going to do without arguing and we always work as a team. 

Hey guys,

Recently i have been learning about ecosystem, an ecosystem is is a rainforest,desert,cave e.t.c! It has been really fun and i have learned allot!


Hear  are some things that i have learnt!

  • 20% of the air we breath comes from the Amazon river.
  • We kill off 137 species of animals everyday in the Rainforest
  • The Amazon alone delivers 208 liters of water every second to the Atlantic.
  • It takes up 6.5 of the earth’s surface.
  • There are 2 kinds of Rainforest the Tropical and the Temperat.

Run as fast as you can!


Hey guys,

So throughout the past few weeks I have been reading a book called Run.I am determined to finish this book because It is really exciting book and there are many twists like…

  • Victoria becomes extremely ill
  • Her mother died in childbirth

But i think the biggest twist is when Elizabeth (her sister) becomes very ill  

There is much more I could tell you but I think it is so much more exciting when you read it for yourself!

What book are you reading and what’s your favorite part!?


Hey guys!

In the past three weeks we have been working on our inquiry topic. In our inquiry we have been working on making and presenting things that we have learnt about refugees and asylum seekers. Some interesting things that i learnt is that when you are on the boat coming to Australia you mightn’t get in anyway and that when you are on the boat you can’t move around because you may tip the boat. The most important things i learnt is some people don’t have a choice and they are forced to come here and asylum seekers need to be assessed before coming into the country to make sure they are refugees. I enjoyed finding all the information because i learnt all new things and it made me more aware of the things that are going on in the was hard when i had to put all the information onto a slide because i had to figure out where everything had to go.I think that next time i want to use my time more efficiently. 

Please watch my movie to learn more!

Crime seen!

Hi Guys,

Earlier this week Got a visit form Joe and Di the police officers they came to talk to our classes about cyber safety. They talked to us about the importance of not using our webcams on our devices. Hear are some of the things that I learn.

  • If you don’t want your webcam you can just put a piece of tape over it.
  • Don’t talk to anyone that you don’t know because they can just use a different name and no one will know.
  • Bullying is one of the top offences in Victoria.
  • If you are 10 or older you can go to jail!

What I found was really cool was how Joe and Di came from Victoria police and they were real police officers.